The 3-Day Rule Helps Stop Impulse Spending

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What if you could slash your spending, stop impulse spending, save some of your paycheck, and maybe even lose a few pounds in the process? With one simple trick, savvy spenders are doing just that—and it has nothing to do with foregoing the occasional coffee shop latte. This simple way to stop impulse spending is called the “3 Day Rule,” and it’s saving some people thousands of dollars.

What Is the 3-Day Rule?

If you’ve ever regretted a purchase or taken on debt to buy something you didn’t really need, this trick is for you. The concept is simple.

For the next 30 days, institute a mandatory three-day waiting period for every buying decision, large or small. Every time you’re considering making a purchase, set the item down, put your wallet away, and leave the store. If you still want it three days later, go ahead and buy it. Chances are, though, that you won’t remember why the item appealed to you—or even what it was you thought you wanted.

Here’s why the 3 Day Rule will save you money.

It Puts You—Not Sneaky Salespeople—in the Driver’s Seat

It Puts You—Not Sneaky Salespeople—in the Driver’s Seat

Salespeople employ the illusion of scarcity to convince shoppers to buy on the spot. Predatory sales tactics like this make us fear that if we don’t buy now, we may miss our chance forever. This is rarely actually the case. Taking 3 days to “cool off” helps to remind you that no purchase is as urgent as it seems.

It Lets You Make a Logical Decision Instead of an Emotional One

Have you ever had a food craving that magically disappeared as soon as you went for a walk or got distracted by a phone call? The urge to shop works in much the same way. By giving yourself time to think, you take the emotional aspect of the purchasing decision out of the equation. You might find that fear, stress, or insecurity was driving your shopping, rather than true necessity.

It Buys You Time to Weigh the Pros and Cons of Your Purchase

Ask friends and family for recommendations or read online reviews: you have 72 hours to determine if the item you’re planning to purchase is actually a good buy.

It Prevents Frivolous Food Spending and Mindless Calorie Consumption

It Prevents Frivolous Food Spending and Mindless Calorie Consumption

We’re not saying you have to break up with Starbucks entirely, but here’s the cold truth: if you’re buying coffees, lunches, and snacks out, you might as well have holes in your pockets. The 3 Day Rule applies to food and beverage spending as well. If you’re really craving that donut, give it 3 days, and if that cruller is still calling your name, consider it yours.

Bonus: in our fast-food culture, avoiding eateries is virtually guaranteed to cut your caloric intake, so you may find your waistline slimming down as your bank account fattens up.

Pledge to Stop Impulse Spending

Pledge to Stop Impulse Spending

Imagine a future where you’re not burdened by unwanted clutter or stressed about your finances. You’re surrounded only by possessions you appreciate. You have savings in the bank for emergencies and home and auto repairs… maybe even a vacation. You no longer suffer from the rollercoaster anxiety that stems from emotional purchases and spending hangovers.

With the 3 Day Rule, financial freedom is within reach. Make a commitment to curb your spending today—you’ll be happy you did!

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Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

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