History of Our Founding Bankruptcy Attorney and CPA

Currently, A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC consists of law offices strategically located in Southern Illinois and St. Louis Missouri to closely help those seeking protection from creditors via bankruptcy laws. Our firm focuses solely on assisting individuals (single or married) in filing bankruptcy to eliminate or modify their existing debts to make life and its financial hardships more manageable…a second chance! While our firm primarily works with individuals, we also assist small business owners as well. In representing our clients, we have adopted the simple, yet comprehensive, Golden Rule to our firm mission and goal: Represent and care for our clients, the way we wish to be cared for and represented!

Early Legal Career

In 2004, Mr. Benson established his own law practice focusing his efforts on divorce law, family mediation and estate planning. Mr. Benson desired to provide legal counseling to the numerous couples suffering from divorce and minimize its impact on their children. Mr. Benson offered mediation as an alternative to so-called divorce wars before Illinois enacted law requiring mediation for those filing for divorce with children.

In 2007, Mr. Benson began continued to specialize his practice,  offering an alternative to ugly and costly litigation for those filing for divorce. Mr. Benson recognized that bankruptcy can not only greatly alleviate the financial stresses on couples filing for divorce and often eliminate costly and protracted divorces, but oftentimes a bankruptcy can alleviate the insurmountable financial burdens that often cause couples to divorce, and therefore hopefully prevent divorce.

The Beginning Of A Bankruptcy Law Firm

Mr. Benson established A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC in an effort to provide clients with what he believes so strongly in: a no-nonsense, efficient and cost-effective approach to solving a myriad of financial issues that unnecessarily strain individuals, marriages and businesses… a second chance! Since the birth of A Bankruptcy Law Firm, Mr. Benson has helped thousands of clients in the St. Louis, and Southern Illinois area file for bankruptcy. The firm has slowly expanded from one office in Fairview Heights to four offices throughout Southern Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Today, A Bankruptcy Law Firm continues to serve those shackled by debt with the same level of passion and dedication to quality service exhibited in the firm’s inception.

A Better Bankruptcy Service

As, both a certified public accountant and a licensed attorney, Michael Benson is able to offer unparalleled bankruptcy service. When you work with A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC you’ll receive the benefits of having both a lawyer and an accountant review your financial situation. Are you feeling shackled by debt? Have you considered filing for bankruptcy? Contact A Bankruptcy Law Firm today to speak with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney and assess your options.

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