Bankruptcy Assistance For Swansea, Illinois

If you’re in need of a knowledgeable and affordable bankruptcy attorney, look no further. Attorney Michael J. Benson and A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC have helped hundreds of Swansea residents eliminate debt for over a decade. Our firm specializes in filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcies to provide you with the best results in a timely manner. Using the legal protection afforded under an Illinois bankruptcy, our attorneys can help you:

  1. Protect Your Possessions
  2. Avoid Home Foreclosure
  3. End Creditor Harassment
  4. Eradicate Credit Card Debt
  5. Stop Vehicle Repossession
  6. Protect Your Retirement Savings

Unlike some states, the federal bankruptcy laws applied by the state of Illinois are very forgiving. In most cases, debtors have the ability to discharge deficiency debts related to car repossessions and home foreclosures, credit card debts, medical expenses, utility bills, payday loan debts, and more. In many ways, filing for bankruptcy is like receiving a fresh start.

Why Call A Bankruptcy Law Firm?

Like most problems in life, there are many solutions to eradicating overwhelming debt. However, not every solution is a good one. Too often, individuals crack under the burden of debt and take drastic actions which only make their financial situation worse. Such drastic actions include:

  1. Taking out cash advances on credit cards
  2. Stressing close relationships by borrowing money from friends and family
  3. Writing bad checks that could result in prosecution or high bank fees
  4. Accidentally selling assets that are protected from creditors
  5. Engaging in fraudulent/illegal activity or gambling to earn cash
  6. Securing loans from payday loan companies at rates of up to 300%
  7. Unnecessarily liquidating retirement accounts to pay bills

The last thing you want to do is damage your finances to the point where it will take years or even decades to recover. It’s very important that you weigh all of your options before deciding on a course of action to reduce your debt. The best thing you can do is speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney who can listen to your unique financial circumstances and help you craft the best solution. One of the benefits of working with A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC is the direct access you’ll have to the firm’s founding attorney, Michael J. Benson. Attorney Benson is a licensed attorney, investor, and certified public accountant. His knowledge across the many facets of personal finance gives him the ability to provide you with the insights you need to rebuild and repair your finances. Schedule a free initial consultation with A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC today.

Swansea Debt Management Resources

Personal finance is a personal journey, but it is one that does not have to be traversed alone. There are a number of local businesses in the Swansea area that are available to help you in your pursuit of financial freedom. From reputable banks to knowledgeable financial advisors, finance experts are always a call or a click away.

Bankruptcy Court

US Bankruptcy Court
750 Missouri Ave
East St Louis, IL 62201
(618) 482-9400

Credit Resources

Annual Credit Report – Free Credit Reports One Time Per Year (Authorized by Federal Law)

myFICO – Information Regarding the FICO Credit Score

Accountants/Income Tax Services

Rice, Sullivan & Co., Ltd. 3121 N Illinois St a Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 233-0186

Martin Financial Services Inc 222 Bronze Pointe Blvd Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 233-3000

McCoy & Associates 16 Emerald Terrace Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 257-1200

Kerber Eck & Braeckel LLP 4111 N Illinois St Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 233-6630

Stelling & Carpenter Ltd. 401 Sherman St Belleville, IL 62221 (618) 233-6267

Wenzel & Associates Ltd. 2810 Frank Scott Pkwy W Belleville, IL 62223 (618) 236-1122

Financial Institutions

Regions Bank 1300 N Belt W Swansea, IL 62226 (800) 734-4667

First Bank 4387 N Illinois St Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 233-3100

FCB Bank 2610 N Illinois St Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 239-9000

BOS Metro East Banking Center 1717 N Illinois St Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 310-2555

Bank of Edwardsville 3685 Sullivan Dr Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 222-1019

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust 4101 N Illinois St Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 416-7895

Financial Advisors

Douglas J. Wilks – CFP 209 W Pointe Dr c Swansea, IL 62226 (618) 355-7897

Creason-Edwards & Cimarolli, P.C. 4000 N Belt W Belleville, IL 62226 (618) 233-1001

LPL Financial 910 Lebanon Ave Belleville, IL 62221 (618) 277-6404

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