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The Origin of the Word Bankruptcy

Laws concerning bankruptcy are some of the oldest in existence. Debt has been around for about as long as money and forgiveness of debt has been institutionalized for thousands of years. The modern term for bankrupt individuals or merchants came later, but has been used since the time of the Roman Empire. The Practice Of […]

Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Only Law Firm

In personal bankruptcy cases in Southern Illinois and Missouri, the law allows individuals to choose the manner in which they want to file the proper papers declaring bankruptcy. That could include law firms with little or no specific bankruptcy expertise, an online document filing enterprise or filing the required paperwork without any help at all. […]

Managing Your Budget after Bankruptcy

There are a few things that all people who have just received a bankruptcy discharge share in common. There is no money in the savings account, no credit cards and a credit score among the lowest 25 percent of all Americans. That may sound bleak, but the fact is, there is good news to consider […]

5 June 2017

Advantages of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing

While Chapter 7 attracts the majority of personal debtors looking for bankruptcy protection, Chapter 13 offers the opportunity to put together a payment plan, usually for five years, that allows you to pay at least some money to your creditors. Statistics from 2016 show that about 37% of individual debtors chose Chapter 13 over Chapter […]

1 June 2017

Five Famous People Who Filed for Bankruptcy

No one is safe from the need for bankruptcy protection. It’s always possible to get bad business advice, fall ill or to simply spend more than you earn. In fact, some of the best known people in history have had to visit a bankruptcy attorney at least once during their careers. The list includes: 1) […]

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice?

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