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Is Bankruptcy a Good Idea?

Deciding whether to file for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. Most people prefer to pay their debts and maintain a good credit rating. But sometimes, even with the best budgeting, finances can get quickly and unexpectedly out of hand. For Illinois or Missouri residents considering bankruptcy, a free evaluation by a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney […]

What to Do After Filing for Bankruptcy

Now that you’ve filed bankruptcy, it can be a scary time for many people. After all, statistics show that a majority of people who file for bankruptcy do so only once in their lives. That means you are now in uncharted territory. This is a good time to sit down with your bankruptcy attorney and […]

29 October 2012

Beware of Low-Cost Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Many individuals who could benefit from bankruptcy have been hesitant to file because they do not believe that they can afford to pay the fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys. Some bankruptcy attorneys have taken advantage of this fact by offering low-cost service that is difficult to refuse by those experiencing severe problems with debt. However, […]

26 October 2012

Using Bankruptcy to Stop Home Foreclosure

After the recent mortgage crisis, several avenues became available for individuals who are facing home foreclosure. However, many of the new programs, such as the home affordable modification program (HAMP), do not meet the needs of everyone, and some of them take too long to prevent foreclosure. When a homeowner requires a little time to […]

24 October 2012

Will Personal Bankruptcy End All My Worries?

The downturn in the economy that began several years ago has left many individuals with mounting debt that is threatening everything they had worked their entire lives to earn. If you can count yourself among those who have been overwhelmed by debt due to unforeseen circumstances, then you have probably given a lot of thought […]

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice?

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